To play the Africa Millions, you have several options:

- You can either go to a partner outlet and ask for an Africa Millions ticket

- Or if available in your country, you can play online or via USSD 

It is only possible to play the Africa Millions in countries where the game is distributed (see Question "In which countries can you play the Africa Millions?").

If the game is not yet distributed in your country, please let us know on social media. We are doing our best to make the game available in as many countries as possible.

The Africa Millions lottery is available in the following countries:

- in Mali at Bet 223

- in Republic of the Congo at CongoBet

- in Central African Republic at Cash236

- in Gabon at PMUG & Bet241

- in Cameroon at PMUC & Bet237

- in Chad at PariezCash

- in Sierra Leone at ElephantBet

- in Mozambique at ElephantBet

- in Madagascar at Bet261

The game is only available to people of legal age living in one of the countries listed above.

The price of a single Africa Millions ticket (5 numbers) is :

- 300 FCFA in Mali, Gabon, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic and Chad

- 35 MT in Mozambique

- LE 7 in Sierra Leone

- 2500 AR in Madagascar

Depending on the results of the draw and your ticket, your initial bet will be multiplied by :

*Jackpot to be shared at Rank 1. See rules.

At the Africa Millions, you have the possibility to play 2 types of combinations:

  • Single combination: choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50
  • Multiple combination: choose between 6 and 10 numbers. The price of your grid depends on the number of numbers selected


With the Africa Millions Flash system, the numbers are chosen randomly for you by the machine!

You can use the Flash system in a retail outlet or on the Internet. The price of the ticket remains the same.

The Africa Millions draw takes place once a day from Monday to Saturday at 6pm GMT.

Africa Millions results are available from 7pm GMT on draw days on our website africamillions.com.

The results are also available in retail outlets the day after each draw.

Official report of the last draw is available here

To check if your combination is a winning one, click on the "Ticket" section of the website and select the numbers you have played, then click on "Estimate your earnings".  

On the website, the result of a combination is given as an indication but only the presentation of the ticket prevails for the payment of earnings.

You can also go to a retail outlet to check if your combination is a winner.

If your combination is a winning one and you played online, the earnings are automatically credited to your player’s account balance.

If you played in a retail shop, go to your usual point of sale to collect your prize. 

You can download the full Africa Millions rules here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Gambling should be fun and entertaining!

To do so, It is necessary to follow certain recommendations:

- Play for fun and enjoyment

- Play within your means, without borrowing money, even for small amounts

- Set a budget that should not be exceeded

- Take regular breaks when gambling

- Stay alert and make sure you don't gamble to make up for it