Record win for the Drawing of Saturday, March 11, 2023!

The winner won the incredible sum of 170 000 000 FCFA (1 BILLION AR 🇲🇬 )!

Saturday, March 11, 2023 will remain in the history of #AfricaMillions and the lottery in Africa!

170 MILLION FCFA were won in an exceptional draw!

Indeed, the jackpot had reached a very nice amount of 170 MILLION FCFA.

On this draw there were 2 possibilities for the players to win the jackpot:

With 5 correct numbers: As in a regular draw, if a player found the 5 correct numbers, he/she would leave with the jackpot* (170,000,000 FCFA or 1. BILLION AR)

  • to be shared in row 1. See Rules

And if no one found the 5 right numbers:

With 4 correct numbers: the player or players who had 4 correct numbers, then shared the sum of 70 000 000 FCFA or 400 MILLION AR

This is the first case that occurred!

This is a record win since the launch of the Africa Millions just under a year ago!

A jackpot that he almost never touched …

A Malian player 🇲🇱 from Kayes left with the exceptional sum of 170 MILLION FCFA.

And he was lucky because he could have missed his winnings!

Indeed, the player played by SMS on Saturday, March 11, 2023, while he was in Mali. He did not think to check the result and for professional reasons he left for Mauritania.

Despite numerous calls and SMS sent, he did not respond to solicitations because he did not believe!

A communication campaign was then launched, in order to let him know that a gain of 170 000 000 FCFA was waiting for its lucky owner.

He finally showed up on the last day of the validity date of his ticket (as a reminder, a ticket is valid for 7 days), at the Bet223 offices in Bamako, Mali, with the SMS proving that he was the winner!

All’s well that ends well, as he confided when we interviewed him!

We wish him a good change of life!

Take your ticket and get ready to win!