Multiply your chances of winning by playing more than 5 numbers.

To win the Africa Millions jackpot, you need to find the 5 correct numbers for a particular draw.

To do this, you can play a single ticket by matching 5 numbers out of 50, for a ticket price of 300 FCFA (or 2500 AR in Madagascar). With as few as  2 correct numbers, your ticket is a winning ticket.

But did you know that you can play more than 5 numbers ?

This is called the extended field!

The extended field allows you to play up to 10 numbers on a single ticket!

This is effectively multiplying the number of 5-number combinations you play: by choosing more than 5 numbers on your ticket, you play more combinations and thus increase your chances of winning.

This also affects the winnings you receive if you match 2 or more numbers.

The table below details the number of 5-number combinations depending on the selection of numbers played: 

  • Here is the expanded field’s winnings table for countries with FCFA currency: